Key Largo

A couple good of good friends and I took a trip out to Key Largo last weekend. Although we didn't hit up any of the usual tourist spots (feeding the tarpon? I'm not sure about any others?) we had an incredibly relaxing weekend of homework, literary criticism, and friendship. We even spent a night on a sailboat and made margaritas in actual glasses rather than coffee mugs. 

Although we didn't hit up any of the usual spots, I managed to snag some great photos. Something I've noticed about travel photos is that a.) everyone posts the same things, and b.) I love seeing the little details of people's trips. On this trip, the little details weren't on the beach or water, they were the little things that make the Keys, as a couple of my local friends put it, "Keys-y". The kitschy decorations in bars, restaurants, and resorts, plant life and pieces of boats everywhere, constant and extremely Floridian playfulness about life on a peninsula dedicated to tourism.  (Floridians hate tourists but love all the tourist-y decor.) 

So although the trip wasn't the typical go-sailing-and-beach-bumming vision I had of the Keys, it made for a great weekend with lots of great little details.