B Dorm Series Pt. 1

New College is known for a lot of things, particularly a special blend of quirkiness and grime. B dorm is no exception, rather, it's the grimiest dorm of them all. Between the strange blue walls, community spaces, and eclectic cast of friendly residents, there's never not something to photograph. I'm going to live here next fall and I'm really looking forward to it. 

I always learn the most about photography when shooting in low light and B dorm at night is the perfect mix of great subject matter and challenging light. Because the onboard flash on my camera is long long dead, low light situations force me to use slower shutter speeds and embrace blurriness when I usually avoid it at all costs. This has changed my style quite a lot, although I definitely have a photo shoot style that is very different from my taking-photos-of-friends-style. 

So here is B dorm and low light and a lot of pictures of wine bottles. 



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