Dead Tree Beach / Beer Can Island

Dead tree beach, beer can island, or simply tree beach--many names for a beach that's being swept away. 

It won't always be here and I'm lucky to have spent summers here. 

seaweed edit-7923.jpg
seaweed edit-7939.jpg

It's not really such a bad spot though. Even if I almost submerged my camera attempting to get some of these shots. 

seaweed edit-7934.jpg

For all the time that I've lived in Sarasota, I never took enough photos here, but I also never appreciated the photographic potential of this beach until I realized how green the seaweed was. Everyone takes photos here--you can't find a sunset without a family portrait session, a golden hour without an engagement shoot. So taking photos here feels a little repetitive. I know a lot of (okay, a few) Sarasota photographers who actively dislike shooting here. 

seaweed edit-7962.jpg
seaweed edit-7928.jpg
seaweed edit-7948.jpg

It's a part of Florida that I love, and I'm going to miss it. 



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